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Growing Garlic

  Garlic can be planted in either the autumn or the spring. It will be clearly labelled when it’s purchased. I have always found it best to plant garlic in October/November, as garlic requires a long growing season and coldness

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Pruning Fruit Trees

  In February 2013 we acquired plot 4 at Choice Allotments, St Leonards, Sussex. We were overly excited as it came with FIVE established fruit trees: Two pear trees, two cherry trees and a plum tree. I was thinking about

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Growing Peas

Peas form part of the legume family and are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in the world. They are very well suited to cooler climates, and are certainly not keen on hot weather, so they are best grown as

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Growing Leeks

Leeks are members of the alliums family. Leeks grow best in a sunny position, in free-draining, fertile soil. There are essentially two things that leeks need to grown well: nitrogen and moist soil (sorry I know you hate those words,

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Growing Courgettes

Courgettes originate from central and South America where they have been eaten for thousands of years. Christopher Columbus brought them to the Mediterranean around 500 years ago. The varieties that we grow today evolved in Italy, most probably at the

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Understanding Fertilizers

During the growing season, vegetables use up a huge amount of the soils nutrients, so it’s important to replenish depleted nutrition. Fertilizers are derived from animal or vegetable matter and can be organic or synthetically produced with chemicals. The advantage

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