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Allotment Journal : Monthly update Produce and plots galore!

Lavender, plot 2. July was a predominantly dry month, with temperatures roughly in line with the seasonal average. After an extended period of dry weather, heavy rainfall finally arrived late July. Around 45mn of rain fell over 3 days.  This rainfall

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Allotment Journal: Monthly Update

Strawberries, Plot 1 and 4.  June was a fairly dry month with only a couple of days of decent heavy rain, so it’s been a month of using the watering can. It takes about an hour to water all four

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Allotment Journal: Monthly Update

Borlotti bean seedlings, started off in root trainers. After a long spell of unseasonably dry weather in April, rainfall finally arrived in mid-May. Although it didn’t rain every day in May, the rainfall that we had was extremely heavy, making May

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Allotment Journal : Monthly update…..

A blaze of blossom. Blackthorn trees, growing on the boundary of Choice Allotments. This has to be my favourite time of year, when nature emerges from it’s winter dormancy and literally bursts into life. We’re rewarded with the most beautiful display of

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Growing Runner Beans

Runner bean plants, the summer of 2014.  The runner bean is a sub-tropical plant, originating from central America and northern parts of South America, growing at high altitude. The Spanish brought runner beans back to Europe in the 16th century, they were introduced to Britain during

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Allotment Journal : Weekly update

  Quince tree Spring has finally arrived. The perennials are beginning to emerge from dormancy, and daylight hours are increasing. I absolutely love this time of year, watching everything come back to life. I saw this tortoiseshell butterfly last week. It’s

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After saying we’re not growing an experimental crop this year, we’ve decided to grow chickpeas!  I popped to the garden centre the other day to pick up some chicken manure pellets; as I walked down the aisle the seed section caught my eye. I saw

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March 2015 – What We’re Sowing

  We don’t sow many seeds in March because we’ve found the low levels of light at this time of year tend to cause the plants to become etiolated very quickly. This is what we’ve chosen to sow in March.

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Allotment Journal : Weekly Update We’re BACK!!!

  Cavolo Nero Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been gloriously sunny and fairly warm for this time of year, it hasn’t felt like winter at all. Enticed by the sunshine we returned to the allotment last week

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Allotment Journal: Weekly Update

Typically we plant garlic around mid October, but the weather has been unseasonably warm this year. Garlic needs a good spell of cold weather to promote germination, but with temperatures roughly 4 degrees celsius above the average for this time of year, there’s

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