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Growing beetroot

Beetroot is one of the vegetables we both enjoy to eat, so we always dedicate a LARGE bed to growing some. Beetroot is really easy to grow. If the soil temperature is warm enough, seeds can be sown as early as March,

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Allotment Journal: Plot update

It’s been a week of mixed weather consequently we’ve not managed to go to the allotment that much this week. However, saying that, we have achieved a fair bit. With the weather rather unsettled I decided to play hooky and head to

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May – What we’re sowing

May is another incredibly busy month for sowing seeds and I’ve been busy; my potting room is full to bursting! This is what I’ve been sowing this month Alliums   Amposta – Sweet Red Onion I use a LOT of red

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update

We had a bit of a mini heatwave at the end of last week so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and got busy on all three plots. Trying to make up for last weeks lack of activity! Plot One I

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Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly, Aglais Urticae

  The small tortoiseshell butterfly used to be one of the most common British butterflies but sadly it’s been in steep decline in recent years. Therefore it was very cheering to see a number of them fluttering around the allotment this week and they seem

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Poppies are easy to grow, they say!

Poppies come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes and colour and are annual, biennial or perennial. So many to choose from, personally I love the large purple ones. Probably the best known poppy is the bright red-flowered corn poppy; a world

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Allotment Update: Plot Update

There’s not been a huge amount of plot activity this week #slacker. Whilst I love being outside, I’m a fair-weather gardener. Cold winds are really not my thing, and it’s been a rather cold and windy week with a bit of heavy

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update. It’s been a fruitful week!

Most of the work we’ve done this week has oddly been to do with fruit. I suppose it’s that time of year,  we have given the fruit trees and fruit plants our priority mainly so we can protect the emerging crop. Strawberries The strawberry

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Bloomin’ Glorious!

I love this time of year, plants and trees are coming to life and we already have numerous plants providing a beautiful display of colour. One of my favourites is this climbing rose called Rosa Guinee, bred in 1938 by Charles Mallerin.

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