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Weekly Journal: Plot update

Goodness, I’m sorry this post is so late, it’s been a rather busy and exhausting week and a bit…. I’ve been juggling my time between looking after the allotment and potting on all the rapidly growing seedlings at home. Also we’ve not

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Allotment Journal: Plot update

Last week was a bit of a scorcher and with long daylight hours and me watering like a crazy thing the seedlings are coming along pretty well. The seedlings I have on the go at home are also thriving. Now

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Pear scab and rust!

I’ve been thrilled that we still have pears on the trees this year, and there’s quite a few of them. However, I have noticed something rather untoward, some black patches are forming on the fruit. This is not a good sign,

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update

It’s stayed pretty dry this week and air temperatures have certainly ramped up, hitting the mid 20’s on a couple of occasions. With very little breeze it’s actually been too hot to work on the plots at times. I filled the water

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Goldenrod Crab Spider, Misumena Vatia

Whilst admiring and smelling the first of our sweet peas, the first to emerge was this beautiful Painted Lady, I got a bit of a shock when I came face to face with something rather alien on one of the flowers. A spider…..

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update Seedlings!

This week has been all about seedlings. I grow virtually all our vegetable plants at home and take them to the allotment once they are large enough to sustain the elements and potential pests…. it’s like creating an instant allotment, simply plant in

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