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Allotment Journal: Plot update

It’s been a week of mixed weather consequently we’ve not managed to go to the allotment that much this week. However, saying that, we have achieved a fair bit. With the weather rather unsettled I decided to play hooky and head to

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update

We had a bit of a mini heatwave at the end of last week so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and got busy on all three plots. Trying to make up for last weeks lack of activity! Plot One I

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Allotment Update: Plot Update

There’s not been a huge amount of plot activity this week #slacker. Whilst I love being outside, I’m a fair-weather gardener. Cold winds are really not my thing, and it’s been a rather cold and windy week with a bit of heavy

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Allotment Journal: Plot Update. It’s been a fruitful week!

Most of the work we’ve done this week has oddly been to do with fruit. I suppose it’s that time of year,  we have given the fruit trees and fruit plants our priority mainly so we can protect the emerging crop. Strawberries The strawberry

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Allotment Journal – Plot Update

A large part of this week has been spent keeping the grass under control and digging out weeds. With warm temperatures, longer daylight hours and the odd day of rain nearly everything that we don’t want to grow is growing, and growing

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Allotment Journal – Plot update

We have spent most of this week continuing to prepare the plots, digging over vegetable beds and weeding. We have also planted  the flower border and have been preparing the rhubarb bed on the orchard plot. On plot two we

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Allotment Journal: Plot update

There’s lots going on at this time of year and we have been kept rather busy this week. We have continued to prepare vegetable beds, this time on plot 2. We have planted some seed potatoes and some shallot and onion

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Flower borders

  We think it’s really important to have a border of flowers to attract butterflies, bee and other pollinating insects. Here are some of the plants we have in our flower borders. Rozanne – Geranium The geranium ‘Rozanne’ was announced

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Making way for a Quince tree

The orchard plot has five established dwarf root stock fruit trees, one of which is rather unpromising. The one above, a small cherry tree, that did absolutely nothing last year. After a recent visit to the local garden centre we stumbled

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Not only does the seaside’s salty sea air cause metal to erode…but the garlic is also rusting!   The winter months were extremely wet, and relatively mild, and it’s been unseasonably warm over the past week. With the addition of low levels of

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March 2023